Chicago is served by O’Hare Airport (ORD) and Midway Airport (MDW), as well an Amtrak station in the heart of downtown, all of which are connected directly to the city by public transportation.  We begin the morning of August 18 and officially end around dinner on the evening of August 24. While we’ve had people fly in early on the first morning or fly out late on the final evening, we strongly recommend against this unless it is completely unavoidable. 

Arriving early Sunday morning and coming straight to the Lab will cause you to enter the week fatigued before we even begin. And while we officially end around dinner on Saturday, Lab attendees often still see a show that night and/or gather informally, and those who’ve booked flights that evening inevitably regret it.

Chicago transit (the CTA) is very easy to navigate and relies on two primary modes of transportation: the el train system and city buses. The best way to plan your routes is to use Google Maps and select the public transit option when searching for directions.