An inexpensive housing option is Hostelling International Chicago conveniently located in the center of downtown Chicago, an easy train ride away from most Lab locations. For further information and to inquire about a reservation, please visit www.hichicago.org.

There are several Facebook groups where you may want to inquire about a couch, spare bedroom, or short-term sublet with a local artist:

  • Ghostlight Housing Chicago

  • Chicago Artist Housing

  • Chicago Theatre People Housing Connection

These groups all require you to join before posting. Groups like this deal with a lot of spam and volunteer admins frequently deny access if they’re unsure about the legitimacy of a join request; so if you have any trouble getting access, please let us know.

Another excellent resource is Airbnb, as you can use reviews to help you verify the validity and safety of the hosts. DLC strongly recommends using extreme caution with sources such as Craigslist which do not have such protections in place and are rife with scams.

Many times we’re asked about what parts of the city are safe for lodging. We can offer some general guidelines. Most places you could stay with easy transit access to Lab locations will be fine (i.e., within walking distance of any Brown line stop or any Red line stop in the Loop or north of the Loop).

If you have a question about a specific address or neighborhood before booking, please feel free to email us with your inquiry.